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Newbie guide Wonderland Online

Wonderland Online is a nice MMORPG game, it have many exciting adventures to explore, creative and fabulous house decorating, also unique game online. It is easy to start play WLO, you can follow this guide to create your own character. Here in this site of Wonderland Online Newbie Guide, you can learn how to start download, register and build your character also obtain easy free nice gift.

1. Download the game

Well if you not yet have Wonderland Online installed inside your PC, you will need to download the game here from the official site. The game file is 554Mb it might take like 20 to 30 minute to finish download depend on your connection speed. DOWNLOAD

2. Register

While wait for download to finish, you can start register your WLO account. Here, it need your email to fill form, you can simply register free email from Yahoo, Google or Hotmail. If you already have an email, you can start register your WLO account. REGISTER

How to Register? (Click here to register form in Official Site)

In official site, you can see this blank form.

Fill in your own: username, password, again password, your email address and buzz code. If you like to obtain Limited Edition Gift Bag you can use this buzz code 4388362. When all done, click on “create my account” button.

**Backup by write your username and password in piece of paper, so you can remember it. DO NOT share your password to everyone.

In order to get the Limited Edition Gift Bag, you MUST click on the link. (Refer the pic below)

Choose what server you going to play, then click “Confirm” button. You must play on the server you choose to get the gift. (Example: you confirm the gift at server Sagittarius but you play at Taurus, you will NOT get the gift you claim)

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Installation Wonderland Online

After the downloader finish download Wonderland Online game, it will automatically go for Setup or installation process.  

You need to accept the agreement and install WLO games in your computer. Commonly it go at “C:\Program Files\Wonderland Online”. You just need to click next, next and install

Finish install, now time to update the game automatically. Click on “Enter Game”, then choose “update_server1” it will show all file need to be update. Now it will take few minutes again to update, click “Begin Updating”. 

Finally we can start the game, click “Start Game” button to loading WLO games. Remember to choose the server, which you claim for the Limited Gift Bag. Login with your username and password, start choose what character you like, with a nice character name.

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Create Character Wonderland Online

Choose what server were you like to play. Inside Wonderland Online, it got many servers that name based on zodiac stars, which is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpion, Sagittarius, Capricorn & Aquarius, and Pisces. 

Login your account using your username and password that you create during registration. Then click “Login” button.   

This will show us two empty boxes, it empty because we not yet have any character. Click “Create Char” and start choose what character you like. You also need to write your Character name inside it then click

Many character here click on left and right arrow (^_^)v

Role explication, here you need to put 5 “point attribute” for you character. Easy understand here. (Just add all to CON if don’t want character easy to die or STR easy to kill monster at low level)

STR = Physical Attack

CON = HP: life for character

INT = Magic Attack

WIS = SP: wisdom to keep use physical or magic skill in battle

AGI = Speed character


Now choose what element you like to be in Wonderland Online. There will be option for Earth, Water, Fire and Wind

Palette Character, take some minute to change how your character looks like, you can change hair color, skin, clothes, and eyes.


Lastly, think of one Secret Code for you character. This important to secure your character from accidently delete it. Remember to keep it secret don’t tell anyone. Click button “Confirm” Now in few second your character ready in Wonderland Online.

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